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Testimonials: Testimonials

Roger Jeffs, former President and CEO of United Therapeutics

"There is no better gift to an employee than investing in their health and well being. At United Therapeutics, we want the very best for our employees, so we hired Echelon, under Brian’s tutelage, to provide carte blanche management of our entire wellness programs. Brian and his team have provided unique and varied offerings that are designed to actively engage employees. For some, it’s the joy of group activities, for others it’s personalized attention. The key was to provide variety, so that all will come running, or walking if that is their preference. With yoga, spin class, TRX, Boot camps, running club, swim lessons, pilates, and personalized training as examples, there has been an opportunity for all to participate. And all of these exercise options are complimented with restorative therapy, including massage and physical therapy where Brian is a recognized and award-winning leader.  Health and wellness are now very much ingrained in our company culture and it is a key element in why UT is annually voted by our own employees as one of the best places to work."

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